If You Can Dream It—We Can Quietly Build It

What is a StealthTech Home?

StealthTech Homes are highly advanced homes with features you cannot see. They are homes that quietly do their job day in and day out.

StealthTech Homes are one of-a-kind homes that allow less than three (3) air changes a day while maintaning a healthy humidity level. This also helps to eliminate pollutants, provides less dust in your home, and lowers your utility bills.

The security of your new home can tell you when your doors are opened and closed. It has an option to record who and when someone enters your home. It can even watch your pets while you are away from home. Security cameras are essential in today’s world and thus are included. Audio and lighting can also be integrated into your security system, and the list goes on.

StealthTech Homes have options to remotely control the electrical LED lighting, security, climate control, and audio/video matrix systems from anywhere in the world.

“Dream it”…With one touch, dim the LED lights, play music, turn up (or down) the heat, lock the doors, close the garage overhead door and arm the security system, no matter where you are. With one touch, put your house in sleep mode, turning off the LED lights, locking doors, adjusting the thermostat, while monitoring security.

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