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Bob Cresswell
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Bob Cresswell

Bob Cresswell is a second-generation home builder in Dallas and started Cresswell Custom Builders in 1972.  He believes success is not built on the revenue you earn but on the relationships you keep. Through his years of homebuilding, he has formed hundreds of relationships not only with his customers but also within the homebuilding industry as a volunteer and leader.  Very few individuals have devoted themselves to building homes and developing relationships on the same scale as Bob Cresswell.  Bob graduated with a BBA from the University of North Texas. He and his wife, Yvonne, have been married 45 years and are active leaders in Prestonwood Baptist Church

David Vanderslice

David Vanderslice has made a career in homebuilding since graduating from Baylor University.  After working in executive management positions with two of Dallas’ largest homebuilders, he joined Cresswell Custom Builders to help carry the legacy of the company into the next generation. David’s years of homebuilding experience compliment those of Bob Cresswell to create a great partnership and friendship that is always creative and always improving.  David and his wife, Carol, have been married 41 years and have three grown children and 3 grandsons.  They are active members and leaders in The Heights Church, Richardson


Cresswell Custom Builders has been named “D Home Best” every single year since 2005 - 16 years in a row!  Bob Cresswell has carried a family tradition in Dallas that began with his father in 1949.  We are unmatched in experience and in our network of relationships.  Our job is to team up with designers, architects, and vendors to create a home that inspires you every day.  We love new ideas and can’t wait to see yours.

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What Makes Us Different?

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Our History

Cresswell Builders is a second generation builder with 90 years of experience in homebuilding.  

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Custom Homes

  Our knowledge of the building process, attention to detail, and care for our customers is second to none. 

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Luxury Renovations

Desire to change your home but not your neighborhood? 

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A family tradition. Since 1972.